Summer Nights

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“Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights”

Bringing the sunshine indoors, Dr Sketchy’s started their ‘Summer Nights’ season with a Grease themed evening. Listening to the soundtrack in advance put me in a good mood.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Sketchy’s, it’s a 3 hour life drawing class mixed with burlesque, cocktails and cupcakes. It’s a great place to meet new people too. They take place in cities across the world and I attend the Dublin class.

Stocking up on cocktails (this evenings preference was a Bay Breeze) you take a comfy seat in the leather couches, set out all of your drawing materials and start chatting away until it starts.

Once the models are introduced, dressed in their Danny and Sandy finery, the drawing begins. Each pose lasts 1 minute. It’s quick but is a good exercise in loosening up.

Music is playing throughout from Grease tracks to obscure easy listening. If I wasn’t busy drawing, I’d have Shazam open on my phone as I would love to listen to them again.

Once we did 10 1 minute poses, we moved onto 5 minute poses. A hand painted version of the car from Grease was used as a prop in these poses.

Onto a halftime break for stretching and some more beverages.

Back to class, but first, some entertainment. Danny (Jonas Wal) sang a great rendition of ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ changing from a leather clad Danny to a suspender and high heel wearing Sandy before our very eyes.

And then ‘Bad Sandy’ (Epiphany Demeanour) arrived in her amazing spandex and leather outfit for ‘We Stay Together’. The routine was just like the movie, which was great.

Onto the drawing, the 10 minute poses were next. Up until now, the couple posed together. The longer solo poses gave us a chance to get more detail in the drawings.

After each section, the models chose a favourite sketch and they were awarded a choice between a tequila shot and a cupcake.

We were tasked with adding a speech bubble to Sandy.

I won a delicious Pride Day themed cupcake from Tart Attack. I need to win again. They are so good.

The session ended with Danny in his hand drawn T-Birds underwear.

A fun and different night that I highly recommend for sketchers of all levels whether alone or with friends.



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