Pop Back In Time

0 Posted by - September 29, 2012 - Diary

I visited the Fashion and Textile Museum to see POP! Design Culture Fashion exhibition, a visual exploration of youth culture from the 50’s new wave of Rock ‘n’ Roll to Westwood and McLaren’s Sex shop in the 80’s.

There was so much to take in that I have broken it up into sections, starting with the visually pleasing Op Art era of the 60’s.

The popularity during the 60’s of artists Bridget Riley

and Victor Vasarely

started a craze for Op Art. It definitely stood out against their stuffy parents style. Shapes were kept simple to really let the prints speak and wearers could dance without feeling constricted.

This gave an opportunity to really showcase Mary Quant, a favourite of the 60’s youth, which had the strongest impact as you entered the room.

As the music of it’s day played throughout you really got a sense of the mood and excitement of the time.  It reminded me of videos from this time at the clubs where the youth hung out.

The Op Art craze infiltrated not just clothing, but accessories, footwear, jewelery, packaging and interiors.

This theme is actually quite topical right now. The 60’s really permeate the runway collections for next Summer and none more so than Marc Jacobs offering in New York.

The exhibition carries on until October 27th.