Paved With Gold

4 Posted by - April 27, 2016 - Embroidery

Until now, I have embroidered pre-existing designs but this time I wanted to create my own and using what I had learned on my couture embroidery class in Lyon.

I pinned a lot of vintage fabric and wallpaper patterns on Pinterest so I thought of creating a 3D version. I chose a large 70s style floral pattern that had enough space for stitch details.

I’m also obsessed with geometric patterns so I updated the floral by combining the two.

The whole design is outlined in matte gold beads. Sounds easy enough until I started and then realised how long it was going to take. I knew it would be worth it though, so I stuck with it.


I fit in an hour here and there in the evenings until, finally, it was time for the fun part; filling in each petal with a different geometric pattern. There are stripes, grids and beaded grids which are all applied with metallic good thread.



The last thing to do was fill in the centre of the flowers. I had wanted to use these big gold sequins for a while and this seemed a perfect match.



The 3D effect really brought the whole thing to life. I definitely want to try more 3D techniques. It’s fun experimenting.

I think I’m done with gold for now, though. A multi colour design might be next.