One Girl’s Trash Is Another Girl’s Treasure

0 Posted by - April 12, 2013 - Diary

You can’t beat a nosy around a vintage shop and
imagine where you’d wear the sparkly goodies if you owned them.


There are so many vintage or second hand shops popping up throughout the city and they’re worth a look. You never know, there could be perfect party dress or a scarf that finishes off all of your outfits hidden in the back.


Don’t be put off by skirt lengths or big sleeves. A little nip and tuck is all you need for a perfect fit. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, it’s a great source of one off fabrics to make your own piece.



Oxfam – Probably the most well known. I always find something. They also have a wedding dress service, which is great as most of the time they are worn once and then stored away.

Bernardos – They might be for a more mature customer but they’re still worth a look. They also have a wedding dress service.

St Vincent De Paul – Nationwide and everywhere. It depends on the area but like all vintage shopping, it’s as much about luck as patience.

Enable Ireland – Clothing as well as homewares and electrical goods.

Jenny Vander – The jewel in the vintage shopping crown. Sparkly jewels, silk slips, luxurious knits and pretty evening gowns. I dare you not to find something you like.

And remember, as well as all contributing to a charity, they also provide jobs. Happy shopping!

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