Luau Lu-Wow

0 Posted by - August 2, 2012 - Diary

I’ve pretty much given up on a hot Summer in Ireland. The next best option is to bring the sunshine indoors and throw a Luau party. And that is exactly what happened at last Saturday’s Dr. Sketchy’s Hawaiian themed evening.

With the rain beating down and umbrellas out in force I was greeted with a colour explosion of palm trees, totem poles and leis.

With a Bay Breeze cocktail on hand, and a rainbow of colouring pencils, out came the hula girls. Maybe it’s because I’m in fashion but I loved embellishing every drawing with the floral garlands they wore.

The quick one minute poses were fun and resembled vintage Hawaiian movie posters of days gone by.

The music was happy and holiday themed which put a smile on my face. I’m always a sucker for Wham’s Club Tropicana.

You may have noticed I added the sun for effect and I was in full throw with the colour pencils by the end of the evening.

Next month i’ll break out the gold because Dr Sketchy’s Presents The Pharoahs.