Diary: Jumper For Joy

0 Posted by - October 13, 2013 - Diary


I spotted some Missoni fabric in a fabric shop in Dublin and I just had to get it. Missoni, most famed for their zig zag knit designs, started out as a husband and wife venture in Milan during the fifties that has now become a family run fashion empire. Imagine layering up piece after piece of Missoni sweaters, dresses and scarves.

Apart from costing a pretty penny, it’s quite rare to find a retailer that sells Missoni in Ireland, which was even more of a reason to snatch up the zig zag fabric when I found it. If there is one thing I wear more than anything in this country, it’s a jumper. Either on its own when it’s chilly or one of many layers during the biting cold, I wear them all year round.

2013-10-13 12.33.02

I’m lucky to own an overlocker (used to edge fabrics to prevent fraying and also for sewing stretch fabrics) but you can use the zig zag stitch on an average sewing machine. My only problem was finding a matching rib for the cuffs, hem and neck. I started to knit my own rib but, with the time I have, I’d be waiting til next winter. Then I found an old men’s jumper in charcoal which I cut off the neck, cuffs and hem and voila! my top is done.


Here’s hoping I find more knitted fabrics and I could run up some more cosy layers for the winter.