Inspiration: Flora & Fauna

0 Posted by - May 20, 2014 - Diary

Shell 1

On a recent trip to London I took a break from fashion and explored the Natural History Museum. I was in awe of the building before I even saw the animals. Carvings of flowers and animals were hidden in every nook and cranny from the birds nesting in the pillars to the monkeys climbing the arched ceilings.

Carvings 1

Carvings 2

Carvings 3


Beautifully illustrated plants and flowers decorated the ceiling too.


Even when I’m not thinking of fashion, along comes some inspiration that I couldn’t ignore: the shapes and textures of coral and shell from under the sea.

The shells formed curving organic shapes that were perfectly formed.

Shell 3

Shell 4

Some shapes would lend themselves well to frills…

Shell 2

… and pleats.

Shell 5

Shell 6

And then the textures of the coral would be beautiful in silk or chiffon.

Shell 7

Texture 1

Texture 2

Texture 3

Texture 4

And then some were just as cute as a button, like these heart shaped cockles…


And lastly a Wedding Cake Venus.