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Christmas is coming and what better era to get inspiration from for the party season than the Glam Rock era.The colour, the sparkle, the theatrics and the metallic make-up.
A camp and androgynous look began to emerge in direct contrast to the psychedelic era.
It took influences from thirties Hollywood, fifties pin ups, pre-war cabaret theatrics, science fiction, mysticism and mythology.

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust alter ego could be noted as the originator of the Glam era but don’t forget about T-Rex’s Marc Bolan. T-Rex’s new electric sound penchant for wearing boas and glitter make-up on stage really made a statement.

Art Rock band Roxy Music were ‘one of the first rock music groups to create and maintain a carefully crafted look and style that included their stage presentation, music videos, album and single cover designs, and promotional materials such as posters, handbills, cards and badges’

Members of the band who met at art college used their Pop Art studies as inspiration. Album covers resembled the glossy fashion magazines of the time.

Languid dresses, sexy and play make-up and to finish, a pair of Terry de Havilland platform shoes. He was shoemaker to the women of the moment from Cher and Marianne Faithfull to Vivienne Westwood knocking on his door.70s-platforms

Lead singer Bryan Ferry was the epitome of a suave crooner with his silky smooth voice and Antony Price (who also dressed Duran Duran and David Bowie) suits. Antony Price was also the stylist for Roxy Music’s first eight albums and a pioneer in marrying rock with fashion.

Glam Rock hit its peak in the mid seventies and could be seen influencing bands in America like the New York Dolls, Lou Reed and Jobriath.

Glam Rock faded away in the mid seventies but it can be seen resurfacing in the entertainment world time again. From Lady Gaga

And the Scissor Sisters

To even The Mighty Boosh

I will leave you with some party inspiration for the festive season.

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