Girls Night In: Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

0 Posted by - April 2, 2013 - Diary

Crop tops? check. Clunky shoes? check. Fruity prints? Hell yes. Flicking through Netflix (where have you been all my life?) on a lazy Sunday morning and the poster took me back. Growing up in the nineties, I longed for many of the things Romy and Michele wore. Tasteful or not, it made me happy.

If you’re looking for a pick me up or in the mood for a giggle with tha girls this is perfect. Cringy, witty and a nineties flashback if you lived through it the first time. Perfect with ‘cheat day’ food and a glass or two of what you fancy.


Road trip!


Workout outfits. As you do.


Job Interview: Sixties style with a nineties slant.

I’ll end with my favourite. I would actually wear something similar now.


(All images from Pinterest.)