Gilded Garden

1 Posted by - April 30, 2015 - Embroidery


I finally finished my first embroidery piece since I took the couture embroidery class last Summer. I tried to include all of the different techniques I learned so I could practice each one and the gold and pearl colour scheme pulled it together. I like the nice vintage feel of the pearls with gold metallic thread and gold beads.

I started with the simple stitch in metallic gold thread to outline the design.


Moving onto the beads, I outlined the design in a mixture of pearls on white thread and gold beads on metallic thread. Some had a bead on every stitch and others used a bead on every second stitch.


Turning up the difficulty level, I started to experiment with different ways to fill spaces. The clover leaves at the centre were filled with transparent sequins. Each one has hand fed on as I stitch. Thankully the fabric is sheer so I can see what I’m doing. This step was quite time consuming but the effect was worth it and it really catches the light. The direction of the sequins determine how the light reflects on them.


The petals were filled with a layer of organza, the same fabric that the piece is embroidered on. It has a nice subtle effect and stops the whole design from looking too busy.


The stem and leaves in the middle were outlined with silk cord which was stitch in place. It looks a bit wobbly in places but it improved as I worked my way around the design.


Finally, the pearl leaves were filled with a wavy design (called vermicelli, which is aptly also a type of spaghetti). This is more of a creative skill than a technical skill and the wavy lines have to all look even. I may fill a square with vermicelli embroidery until I have it perfect.


I’m quite satisfied with some parts and need improvements on others but overall I’m happy with the end result. I’ve already started a new piece and am hoping to build a library of samples by the end of the year.