Bridal Hair Bow – Sewing Tutorial

1 Posted by - August 20, 2015 - Diary


Looking for something to adorn your wedding updo? This simple but effective satin hair bow is a great alternative or addition to a veil.


This will take 2 hours at the most but less for the more experienced at sewing.


  • Duchess satin (or another structured bridal fabric)
  • A stiff inner fabric like cotton twill
  • Thread
  • A strong hand sewing needle
  • A plastic comb or hair slide

Step 1

Lay the pattern and mark the outine with pencil.
Mark a little line on the edges of the fabric of where to fold and sew.
Cut one in the satin and another in the stiffer fabric.
Also, cut a stripe to wrap around the centre at 6cm wide and 10 cm long.


Step 2

Lay the two pieces together.
Sew the long edges together with the outsides facing each other at 1cm in from the edge.
This should leave you with a tube.
Turn out the tube and hand sew the ends together.


Step 3

Iron and flatten the tube but dont flatten the edges.
Scrunch the centre of the whole piece and and tweak around until you have the desired bow shape.
Pierce the needle through the middle (as shown below) and hand stitch until it is secure.


Step 4

Sew the long edges of the separate piece you have cut and turn out into a tube.
Alternatively, you can purchase matching 2cm wide ribbon.
Wrap around the centre of the bow and hand stitch the ends together.


Step 5

Now you have your bow!
You can then hand stitch this to a plastic comb/hair slide/top of veil.



  • This would also be good for bridesmaids, made in a matching colour.
  • Look great in rockabilly style hairdos.
  • Cover the satin in lace for a more decadent look.

Post your own hairbows on instagram using the hashtag #hairbowparty to share ideas.

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