Behind The Scenes #14

1 Posted by - February 26, 2015 - Diary


The sewing machine has been put aside for a very hand crafted week this week. Following on from last weeks embroidery with beads, I have moved onto sequins. These are not the sequins you buy in your local haberdashery. Shrink them down to half the size and you get the idea. Each sequin is fed between each stitch with one hand under the frame as the other hand stitches over the frame. It takes a little while to get used to but it’s worth the shimmery effect. Because they are so small, I need about double the amount of stitches to fill a design. I started with little leaves to ease myself in but I’ll graduate onto bigger pieces as I improve.


The other job involving handwork is the padding out of a bridal corset. There are bra pads available to buy but if the corset is custom made, why not customise the bust shaping too? Starting with some wadding (or other filler), a circle the size of the cup is cut. Then, cut another circle about 10-20% smaller than the first. Continue until you’re happy with the amount and stack on top of each other. Line up all of the bottoms of the circles. This gives a boosting effect like the puch up bras you seen in store. To give a smoother line, brush and shave the edges until it looks like one piece and stitch them all together. I did this for a corset but I have seen vintage dresses with this technique too.

In the evenings, when I wasn’t sewing, I have started looking ideas for new designs. You only have to look at my Pinterest to see what I’m currently into. I am loving retro patterns from sixties at the moment so I may try embroidering designs inspired by the era. Because it is bridal, it would be white on white so I have to work out a way of making it interesting. I played around with some designs in colour because it’s easier to see what I’m doing but it would be cool to work colour into it somehow.