Behind The Scenes #13

0 Posted by - February 4, 2015 - Diary


In between a wedding dress and bridesmaid commission, catching up on the couture shows online (thank you vogue uk for the zoom option) and watching guilty pleasures like E! Red Carpet (it’s award season!), I’ve managed to fit in new bridal designs and some embroidery and beading practice.

I’m combining my draping and embroidery skills into two designs: One is a fun and danceable full skirted dress and the other is a more elegant and flowy number. After replicating the sketched ideas, I can see if it is too busy or too plain.

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With the full skirted dress, it needed some embellishment. The skirt has a strong shape with an asymmetric hemline. I balanced it with a simple top but in real life, it could afford to either bare some skin or add some embellishment. So, I’ve decided on a bit of both.

The second drapy dress looked a little busy but the main design details were working. Sometimes, less is more.

“Simpicity is the keynote of all true elegance”
– Coco Chanel

I flip flopped between the paper pattern and the draping method, trying out different gathering details but ultimately went with a stripped back and draped bodice. I may edge some details in lace as it’s looking like a very feminine silhouette that nips in at all the right places and flows in the others.

Trying out different necklines.

On the weekend, it’s very relaxing to practice my beading and embroidery whilst listening to music or a podcast (or when there’s sports on tv). I’m trying to incorporate all of the methods I’ve learned with some experiments along the way. So far I have used pearl beads with embroidery thread and metallic thread.

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It’s looks vintage inspired so I’ll carry on the antique colour scheme. I finally have a use for my stash of trimmings collected over the years.