Behind The Scenes #12

0 Posted by - January 24, 2015 - Diary


Back in full swing now and Christmas is now a distant memory. The main thing I am working on is a wedding dress and three bridesmaids dresses. Obviously I can’t share pictures until the big day but I can show you a peak at the collection of toiles I have ready for fittings.

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In between, I have finally had some time to set up my embroidery frame since I finished the couture embroidery course. The first evening I started was spent setting up the frame. It’s done in such a way that it is stretched across the warp and weft until the tension is tight. This ensures that there are no loose or tight stitches when you remove from the frame.


Then it was time to start the embroidery. It takes a while to loosen up so I have an area to the side that’s  sectioned off for practice. I started with the basic straight lines and then evolved into more complicated curves. Once I was comfortable with that, I moved onto beading. These are a little time consuming as they are fed through the thread one at a time. With time, I hope to gain speed.

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For now, I’m just practicing what I have learned in the course and then next week I will start on a small design using all of the methods I know in one piece.