First Class Style

0 Posted by - November 8, 2012 - Diary

Back when travelling abroad was seldom for most, flying was viewed as an experience for the privileged. Most images from airports in the sixties were of the rich and famous.

Sharp suits, pointy boots, big shades and luggage to match, celebrities epitomised the glamour of travel.

Girls aspired to be airline stewardesses. Travelling the world in glamorous outfits dealing with the rich and famous. Uniforms went from prim and proper in the fifties to hip and swinging in the sixties.

Colour combinations were clashing and daring compared to the safe navys and blues of today (apart from the vibrant red Virgin uniforms).

Passengers dressed up to the nines for their trips abroad. It was seen as a rare experience and was treated as so.

This display was at the Pop exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London. I wish more people dressed up for air travel rather than shlepping about in jogging pants. I loved the furry luggage. You definitely wouldn’t miss that on the carousel.